Burn Baby Burn (04/04/09 - 07/03/09)

Monday, June 29, 2009

15,000 Minutes

I can still make the 15,000 minutes for the year and I won't have to exercise for an hour a day!!!

So I took a break, that's an understatement, but over the past couple weeks I've been walking here and there. I woke up on Saturday morning doing hard math to see if I can get to 15,000 minutes for the year. I thought I only had 5,000. I figured I would have to do about an hour a day for the rest of the year to make it up, but that's doable.

Today, I went walking for an hour. When I got on the computer this morning, I proudly punched in 60 minutes for today and 180 minutes for the 4 walks (I did more) that I did in the last month.

Turns out that I have 5650 minutes so far this year. So, that means that I can do about an hour 6 days a week for the rest of the year. That is even more doable.

I love to walk. I really do. I love how my body feels when I walk. I love to be able to have that time to myself to muse about life. I love waking up with the sounds of life waking up. I love knowing that I did something good for me for the day. I love not only how my body feels when I walk (lean, slim, fit), I also love feeling my body. I love being aware of my body when I walk.

The other thing I love to do. I love eating fruit in the morning. Sometimes I feel like I need something heavier. Sometimes I want a little bacon or some meat. Most times though, I like eating fruit. I feel clean and healthy when I eat fruit. And, once again, I like the feeling of doing something good for me. My body practically explodes with joy when I walk in the morning and eat fruit. It is so happy, it oozes out into my day. That is, perhaps, the best side effect.

Friday, May 15, 2009

4 Weeks In A Row

BBB W6: 420/300

I actually came to work 4 full weeks in row. No wellness days. No vacation days. No holidays.

Amazing really!!!

I was marveling at this when a co-worker saw me talking to myself and asked what was up. I told her and she said, "Well, you're losing weight and you're healthier now."

You know what, she's right!!!

I feel healthy. I look smaller. I am losing weight. I feel more energized, less lethargic. I've eat intermittently, so I don't get unreasonably angry from low blood sugar. My immune system is pumped up. My hair, nails, and skin are more radiant and healthy. I can walk faster and farther. I feel alive, invigorated.

I feel healthy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

World Awakening

BBB W6: 360/300

I just love seeing the woman on the ticker run forward. She's at 40% today. Truly amazing and wonderful!!!

I love walking in the morning outside. Did I ever tell you guys that? It's crisp. The birds are beautiful. There's dew on the grass giving it a very earthy smell. Flowers are out and they smell wonderful. The squirrels are busy running on the wires. It's pretty industrious.

On the second half of my walk, I walk on a main street. The city wakes up. Stores start opening. One or two cars pass by. The buses start going. People are walking around a little. Cars are starting to trickle onto the college campus and into parking lots. People are getting their morning coffee. There must be at least 4 coffee shops on the 25-30 minute stretch that I walk.

It's amazing to witness the world waking up. I love it!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Slimming Down Shaping Up

BBB W6: 255/300

I'm slimming down. My face is getting slimmer. The arm flab is going away. My belly is lifting. The cellulite in my thighs is going away. My thighs and arms are getting firmer. My neck is emerging. My cheek bones are emerging. I can see the veins in my feet. My calves are getting thin. My wrist is getting smaller. My breasts are getting smaller. My back is getting smaller. My waist is getting smaller.

My body is shaping up.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Trusting My Body, Trusting Myself

BBB W6: 195/300

I did get 400 minutes last week!!! I went for a walk in the morning.

This week so far I'm at 195 and it feels great:-)

I haven't weighed in 2 weeks at WW. I've been weighing on my scale at home. It now reads 248lbs. My weight is going down rapidly and I'm loving it.

I got some guidance to eat more fruit, vegetables, and lean meat, less starches, sugar, and fat. I'm going to follow that guidance. I eat fruit and veggies (grape tomatoes) all morning long and I love it. I eat apples, grapes, strawberries, and the newly discovered blackberries. I also have a veggie snack in the afternoon so I don't end up feeling ravenous and wanting to eat everything in sight when I get home.

I haven't been paying close attention to (read worrying about) what I eat. I've just been eating what I want to in a given moment. I am following my body's guidance and trusting it.

Honestly, I feel a bit wobbly without the constant tracking, but every week the scale goes down. I feel absolutely wonderful that I am finally learning to trust myself. That trust has amazing consequences.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

300 Minute Goal Met

BBB W5: 345/300


I did it. I've exceeded my goal for the week. It's been 4 weeks in the making. I may even make it to 400 minutes this week! That would be so cool.

I love meeting my goals.

I love my morning walks.

This morning I was walking along when I noticed that it was overcast. The rain held up until I reached a spot with an overhang. Then it started sprinkling. I stood and watched. I asked what I should do and my brain out of fear (which sounded like reason) said, "Head home."

I've been doing some inside work to do the thing that feels good. I couldn't figure out exactly what would feel good so I went for the thing that would bring relief. I said I was going to head home and in that moment the clouds opened up and a deluge came down.

I said to myself, "Guess I'll wait."

When it finished up, I walked to the corner I wanted to walk to today and headed back home. The clouds and rain were ahead of me. If I'd headed home, I'd have been soaked and there was no cover in that direction except for trees.

Moral of the story: Ask for what you want, not how you think it should happen. What I really wanted was to stay dry. That could happen in a myriad of ways. I always tell my business owners and clients this and I get frustrated when they tell us how to do something.

Adding interest to the story, I woke up promptly this morning which put me ahead of schedule which afforded me the extra moments of watching the rain.

Life is so beautiful:-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Visit to the Gym

BBB W5: 285/300

I just might make 300 minutes this week. I am looking forward to doing so.

I am so grateful for my gym membership. This morning it was misting. I turned around to go back into the house for a hoodie and remembered that I have a wonderful membership at the YMCA. The gym is a block away from my house. I call it across the street because it feels as though I just have to cross the street to get there.

I walked around the track with the weights as I intended to around the neighborhood. I was reacquainted with my boot camp buddies. Those folks kick butt and they look so good. You could tell the new folks too. Even though they look trim, they're the ones that do hand over heads instead of jumping jacks after the first stair drill. They have the look of, "What the hell did I get myself into? I thought I was fit."

Love that class:-) It gives me something to shoot for. I will know that I've arrived when I'm able to make it through that class.
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